Ports and Intermodal Transport

With more than 65 percent of imports coming through West Coast ports, e-Mission Control (eMC) understands the complexity of supply chains and the importance of operational efficiency in port and port tenant ecosystems. The eMC team currently works with some of the largest port tenants in North America and helps support their electrification efficiency upgrades. This includes battery electric yard truck deployments, reefer unit hybridization, drayage truck replacement, railcar movers, shore power installation, STS and RTG crane upgrades and much more.

eMC works with ports and port tenants to enroll their eligible equipment into the California Air Resources Board’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program or the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ) Clean Fuels Program (CFP).

eMC begins this process with a full survey of equipment and installs any metering equipment needed for reporting. After the initial equipment and company enrollment, eMC reports our partner’s energy consumption to CARB or DEQ every quarter. Credits are awarded on consumption data and then sold to regulated entities in each respective state. Every quarter our partners receive LCFS or CFP credit revenue.

Eligible Electric Equipment

  • RTG’s
  • Yard Trucks
  • Top Handlers
  • Railcar Movers
  • eTRUs and Hybrid Refrigeration Units
  • Drayage Trucks
  • eMHE

For more information about clean fuel programs and how your company can participate, contact us today through our request consultation form or at
1-833-ZeroCO2 (1-833-937-6262).