Driving Nebraska's Renewable Fuels Momentum

Discover the progress and potential of renewable fuels in Nebraska. While legislative efforts have temporarily paused, Renewable Fuels NE remains committed to advancing the state's clean energy agenda. Find out more about the initiatives and opportunities that lie ahead."

Renewable Fuels NE: Driving Nebraska's Green Energy Future

Renewable Fuels Nebraska spearheaded the formation of a clean fuels coalition in 2021, comprising diverse stakeholders, which has made significant strides in their efforts. The Clean Fuels Nebraska Coalition, backed by the Great Plains Institute, has established consensus principles for a state-specific clean fuels standard, garnering support from agricultural, clean fuel, and environmental organizations. Over the next year, the coalition plans to refine legislation, conduct additional research on the economic and environmental implications of a clean fuels policy in Nebraska, and garner further support, with the ultimate aim of introducing legislation in 2023.
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