OEMs & Vendor Partners

Connecting Electric OEM Vendors for Greener Transportation

e-Mission Control has hundreds of fleets actively pursuing zero-emission goals for their equipment. We connect these fleet operators with equipment manufacturers that match their needs, providing industry partners the ability to purchase products through their accrued California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), Oregon Clean Fuels Program (CFP), British Columbia Low Carbon Fuel Standard (BC-LCFS) or Washington Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) credits and other financial products. Whether you’re an OEM looking for new customers, or a fleet operator in need of new zero-emission equipment, eMC can help.

For more information about clean fuel programs and how original equipment manufacturers can expand their EV and EV supply network through partnering with e-Mission Control, contact us today through our request consultation form or at 1-833-ZeroCO2 (1-833-937-6262).

Clean Energy Facility Services

Station A

Station A is a revolutionary AI-powered clean energy marketplace that, with just an address, instantly discovers the financial and environmental returns a building can generate by transitioning to clean energy. As a software company, Station A aims to automate clean energy development and contribute towards a carbon-neutral future. Their platform offers valuable insights to clean energy buyers and providers to help reduce carbon emissions to zero for any building. Station A’s marketplace enables the creation, planning, and execution of clean energy projects, playing a pivotal role in advancing the clean energy sector.

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With Leap, you can unlock access to energy markets. Leap is the leading global platform for generating new value from grid-connected resources and devices. Leap seamlessly connects technology partners to high-value revenue streams and provides a simplified, automated access point for energy market participation with batteries, electric vehicle charging, smart thermostats, HVAC systems, industrial facilities, and other flexible assets. Leap empowers its partners to provide resilient, zero-carbon capacity to the grid while strengthening engagement with their customers through new value streams.

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Green Fleet Advisory Services and Technology

Sawatch Labs

Sawatch Labs is a leading fleet electrification company, driven by data. Sawatch Lab’s mission is to unlock the potential of your operational data, providing fleets with actionable recommendations to optimize fleet operations. Using advanced analytics, they have supported fleets in all 50 states to meet their goals. Sawatch Lab’s expertise includes a deep understanding of raw telemetry across all major providers, custom software development, big-data aggregation and analysis, software partner integrations, GIS and ESRI, leveraging API/SDK, driver safety policy best practices, and much more.

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TimberRock believes in an emissions-free energy future in which clean energy is abundant, accessible, low-cost and reliable.  TimberRock’s mission is to deliver the technology and services that achieve this future via their E-IQ platform.  E-IQ provides energy emissions “impact” accounting and manages the journey to NET zero energy emissions.

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FlexCharging is an electric vehicle data and smart charging platform. The FlexCharging team works to make it easy and seamless for utilities and other agencies to prepare for the residential EV charging influx. Their customer-centric approach combined with intelligent analytics lets FlexCharging understand the residential EV driver and help their clients engage in the right ways.

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With Samsara, you can lower fuel costs, boost efficiency, track your equipment and more, all on one platform. Samsara is a technology company that created the Connected Operations Cloud, which helps important companies like energy utilities, food delivery, and transportation run better. Their platform uses IoT data to make operations safer, more efficient, and sustainable. They’ve already made a big impact by helping workers stay safe, reducing pollution, and simplifying day-to-day tasks.

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Joby Aviation

Joby is a California-based company building quiet, all-electric aircraft to connect people like never before. With up to 150 miles of range and the ability to take off and land vertically, the Joby aircraft will change the way we move while reducing the acoustic and climate footprint of flight.

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Energy Zero Solutions

As disruptors in the energy market, Energy Zero Solutions focuses on delivering energy reduction and clean energy solutions and helps clients achieve sustainability goals without losing profit. Energy Zero Solutions drives demand reduction through a proprietary design technology and process and identifies solutions to best serve the client’s operating model. Energy Zero Solutions implements sustainability programs through clean energy replacements, and targets energy solutions to meet clients’ requirements and savings goals.

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Forum Mobility

Operating near ports and along major drayage routes, Forum Mobility pioneers charging depots and heavy-duty electric trucks for zero-emission drayage. Forum Mobility provides access to a network of convenient, safe, and secure locations that free up space for trucks at your facility. Forum Mobility’s Charging as a Service business model aims to transform the way drayage operations take place in California.

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Kaizen Clean Energy

Kaizen Clean Energy (KCE) is your Pathway to decentralized hydrogen power. Kaizen’s hydrogen generators give you peace of mind knowing you can charge anywhere and never risk losing power. KCE offers its mobile microgrid to customers through an Energy as a Service contract, which eliminates large capital expenses and provides customers with the flexibility to scale with energy needs over time. With Kaizen, hydrogen is affordable, reliable, and accessible.

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With the largest number of high-power wireless charging systems deployed in the USA, WAVE is enabling commercial fleet operators to extend the range of medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles beyond that of diesel vehicles. WAVE chargers are inductive, meaning they are hands-free and require no physical connection. WAVE’s high-power systems are ideal for powering electric vehicles for mass transit, warehouse and distribution centers, shuttle services, and seaports.

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Heliox is a provider of world-class smart energy management solutions that are designed to be scalable within the fast-changing electric mobility landscape. The company’s services cover a wide range of vehicles, including e-bus and e-truck fleets, passenger cars, marine vessels, port equipment, and mining vehicles. Heliox boasts a team of over 300 industry experts around the world, whose aim is to help clients make a seamless transition to e-mobility.

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OEM-Class 1-8

Motiv Power Systems

With a next-generation EV truck battery that lasts over 150 miles on one charge, Motive Power Systems fleets power the backbone of modern commerce. Motiv delivers medium-duty commercial all-electric trucks and buses, along with charging infrastructure and guidance for deploying commercial fleets. Specializing in step vans, shuttle buses, and box trucks, Motiv is an innovative provider of daily-use zero-emission vehicles for moving people and goods with 98% uptime and intense customer-driven focus.

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SafeConnect Systems

With the motto “six pins for safety,” SafeConnect is a patented shore power connection system allowing hybrid diesel-electric transport refrigeration units (eTRUs) to safely plug into high voltage power by eliminating arcing, drive-offs, live wires, and personal injury. SafeConnect allows companies to reduce diesel emissions while protecting equipment, ensuring a true ROI through reductions in energy costs.

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EVSE Maintenance

Advanced Technical Services (ATS)

Having repaired over 30 million products since 1981, Advanced Technical Services provides equipment repair, remanufacturing and upgrade solutions to customers in the automotive, cable, telecom and digital entertainment sectors. ATS equipment solutions help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their customers’ supply chains and also helps keep their critical networks up and running. ATS offers a complete menu of reverse logistics services that will add value and reduce costs in your operations.

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Electrada specializes in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and related energy assets for various transportation segments. Their unique 360 Charging-as-a-Service solution partners with fleets to develop and implement a tailored EV charging solution, covering all the investment required to provide an electric fuel solution for at least a decade. Electrada’s charging solution also offers a cost-per-mile that’s lower than liquid fuel from the very beginning. With Electrada’s 360 Charging-as-a-Service, clients only pay for their electric fuel needs, without any disruptions to their operations. Electrada’s mission is to build and support high-performance EV infrastructure throughout North America.

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