Commercial EV Fleets

Commercial Electric Vehicles (EVs)

e-Mission Control (eMC) partners with commercial vehicle fleets of all sizes and equipment makeup ranging from Class 1 to Class 8 vehicle types. The next generation of commercial electric vehicles (EVs) aims to offer better pricing, design, and efficiency. eMC is here to help with your commercial fleet electrification goals and participation in clean fuel programs.

eMC has well-established and robust relationships with many vehicle and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) on the forefront of commercial vehicle electrification development and deployment.

Whether it’s enrolling and managing your commercial EV fleet participation in clean fuel programs, connecting you to vetted OEM resources, facilitating access to public funding or engaging state agencies on your behalf, eMC is with you every step of the way helping your company reach its sustainability goals.

For a quick estimate on your fleet’s LCFS, CFS or CFP incentive value, visit our commercial EV fleet calculator.

For more information about clean fuel programs and how your commercial EV fleet operation can participate, contact us today through our request consultation form or at
1-833-ZeroCO2 (1-833-937-6262).
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