e-Mission Control

e-Mission Control (eMC) designs, manages and executes electricity consumption data products and services for forward-thinking on- and off-road vehicle fleet operators. We partner with owners and operators of zero-emission vehicles and equipment at airports, seaports, retailers, grocers, manufacturers, campuses, distribution facilities, municipalities and others, along the West Coast and beyond.

At eMC, we understand that the management and reliability of data shaping transportation incentive programs around the world are extremely important in smoothing the transition to a green economy. Industries most impacted by transportation and mobility-related greenhouse gas emissions are often the ones that need the most support navigating complex regulatory provisions and reporting necessary to participate. This concept underpins our commitment to democratizing access and engagement in these state administered low-carbon initiatives, so that the resulting financial and environmental benefits reach stakeholders who might otherwise be overlooked.

In short, we make enrolling, managing, and earning from these regulatory programs easy for zero-emission equipment and fleet operators.

e-Mission Control is a subsidiary of Momentum, Inc., a Sacramento- and Oakland-based clean-energy consultancy with a fundamental expertise in public funding to help commercialize advanced energy, transportation, and manufacturing projects and solutions.

Our Mission

eMC’s mission is to create a world where green transportation is accessible and affordable to all, including individuals, businesses, non-profits, and public agencies.

Meet The Senior Team

Leading a team of more than twenty five zero-emission transportation professionals

Todd Trauman
Tim Krebs CFO
Timothy Krebs
Elaine O’Byrne
Director of Operations
Colby Green
Director of Business Development
Colleen Harrison
Head of Marketing
Miguel Delgadillo
General Manager: Government & Strategic Partnerships