The Most
Clean Fuel Standard Fleet Management Platform

FuSE™ is the industry’s only SaaS platform providing a unique opportunity for small and medium-sized electric fleets to access the power of clean fuel programs across the North American continent.

Streamline Your Clean Fuel Data Management

Have your fleet data right at your fingertips. FuSE allows fleet operators and their teams to have instant access to their fleet data allowing them to make informed and timely decisions that can have a significant impact on their business. Users can now access their asset lists and historical financial information related to their incentives right in their dashboard.

Easily Manage Your Clean Fuel Standard Program Credits

FuSE is the hub for fleet and facility operational updates, financial transaction details, downloadable financial reports, credit tracking, asset tracking, energy consumption tracking, real-time dashboarding, OEM, EVSE, and other tech reviews, public funding opportunity summaries, fuel market data, and much more.

Stay Ahead of the Clean Fuel Credit Market with FuSE

Access the most up-to-date clean fuel credit prices and detailed incentive summaries to maximize your incentive revenue and plan electric fleet expansion. Since credit prices change constantly, accurate tracking is key. Knowing the worth of your credit portfolio will help you plan to expand your electric fleet and meet your sustainability goals.

Stay Compliant with Changing Regulations with FuSE

Many US states and Canadian provinces are currently considering legislating clean fuel standard programs and the regulatory space is changing constantly. Stay ahead of the curve with the only SaaS platform that is automatically scalable and outpaces our competitors’ manual processes. FuSE supports all US states and Canadian provinces rolling out clean fuel programs and stays up to date with the continuous changes to state and national regulations. FuSE is designed to stay up-to-date with continuous changes, which means fleet operators can trust that they are always in compliance, no matter how frequently regulations change.

Add Clean Fuel Program Incentive Revenue into your TCO Analysis with FuSE

Electric fleets looking to expand should consider adding clean fuel standard incentives in their TCO analysis. These incentives can significantly reduce the operating costs of an electric fleet and make them more cost-effective than their fossil fuel counterparts. FuSE’s fleet estimator will allow users to see the potential credit incentive revenue for any type of electric equipment in the program.

Receive Expert Support with FuSE’s Strategic Partnership Program

Get support through every phase of your electrification journey! Gain OEM access and electrification services support through our Strategic Partnership Program and have access to the expertise and resources needed to successfully adopt electric vehicles and maximize the benefits of electrification for your fleet. Through FuSE, you will have instant message access to our Partner Success Team for any questions you may have. No matter how complex, our team are experts at removing all roadblocks for fleets who are electrifying and receiving clean fuel standard program credits.
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