e-Mission Control Now Offers Clean Fuel Program Management Services in Canada


SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–e-Mission Control (eMC), a SaaS solution provider for clean fuel program management, announced that it has expanded its business operations internationally to Canada. e-Mission Control, based in Sacramento and Vancouver, is engaging clients in the Canadian province of British Columbia, which has an active clean fuel program called the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS). e-Mission Control is also poised to enroll businesses, nonprofits, and public agencies in Canada’s national Clean Fuel Standard, scheduled to launch in July of 2023.

eMC helps hundreds of electric fleets up and down the West Coast of the United States and Canada participate in clean fuel programs that accelerate their transition to electric equipment and vehicles through necessary incentive funding. As a zero-emission evangelist, eMC educates organizations every day on why they should account for the revenue from these long-lasting programs in their TCO analysis and how participation allows them to capture an accurate picture of the greenhouse gas emissions they’re displacing by forgoing diesel and gasoline.

Using a proprietary software platform, eMC streamlines the registration of fleets in applicable clean fuel programs such as the British Columbia LCFS and manages all energy consumption data, metering, and reporting requirements. As a one-stop solution, eMC manages credit validation with the government agency overseeing the program and ensures the timely sale of credits and proceeds remittance to eMC partners so they can reinvest in electrification.

“I’m excited to see the advancement of clean fuel programs not only in the United States, but in Canada as well. We have been engaging with owners and operators of fleets in British Columbia that have transitioned their Class 1-8 transportation to electric counterparts and through LCFS participation, they now have a new financial tool to further their electrification goals,” said Todd Trauman, e-Mission Control’s CEO. “Our SaaS solution makes us well-positioned to quickly onboard and manage British Columbia and Canadian entities in their respective clean fuel programs and seamlessly supports the intricacies of all states, provinces, and countries rolling out clean fuel programs in the future,” added Todd.

About e-Mission Control

e-Mission Control is a SaaS company that designs, manages, and executes electricity consumption data platforms and services for forward-thinking on- and off-road vehicle fleet operators. With a specific focus on clean fuel programs in California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, e-Mission Control partners with owners and operators of zero-emission vehicles and equipment at airports, seaports, retailers, grocers, manufacturers, campuses, distribution facilities, municipalities and many others along the West Coast and beyond. For more information about Canadian clean fuel programs or about e-Mission Control, please visit www.e-missioncontrol.ca.

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