Why Switch to e-Mission Control for LCFS/CFP Program Management?

Q: I’m already signed up for the California LCFS or the Oregon CFP. Why should I switch to e-Mission Control for LCFS program management or CFP program management? 


A: Great! If you’re signed up for the LCFS program or the CFP this means that you own and operate clean fuel vehicles or equipment. You’re helping pave the way for a greener, more sustainable California or Oregon and we at e-Mission Control (eMC) salute you for it! Like many others, if you find the process of dealing with government-administered programs like the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) or the Clean Fuels Program (CFP) burdensome, we’re here to help. Below are eight reasons why you should enlist e-Mission Control (eMC) to manage your LCFS or CFP participation. 


1) We Have Deep Roots in Environmental Transportation Programs and Funding 

We are a subsidiary of Momentum, one of the most sought-after clean transportation and commercialization consultancy partners in North America. Based in Sacramento, California, since 2005 Momentum has successfully helped deploy more than $6 billion in funded clean energy projects in collaboration with more than 1,000 clients and partners. Momentum has developed more than $6 billion in technology deployments with globally significant innovations in partnership with dozens of Fortune 1000 companies like Berkshire Hathaway Energy, Sempra Energy, SoCalGas, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), Amazon, Volvo, General Motors, Schneider Electric, and Waste Management.


2) We Have Long Standing Relationships with the State Agencies Running Clean Fuel Programs

In fact, our Sacramento headquarters at 801 K Street are located right beside CARB, by intent. Since it’s inception, the e-Mission Control executive team has had regular involvement with many state agencies (i.e. CARB, DEQ, air districts, utilities, etc.) on all matters of transportation-related regulation development, including the LCFS and CFP. We actively engage with all stakeholders, especially fleets, to ensure their businesses are represented while regulation is being developed.  


3) We Maximize your LCFS and CFP Value 

Because e-Mission Control is an already-established entity within the LCFS and CFP reporting systems, we are able to ensure your participation for the current reporting quarter (one full calendar quarter behind the current calendar quarter). We can work with your team to evaluate all available data and determine whether it can be utilized for program crediting. Often, we can help fleets capitalize on generation that they might not otherwise be able to because of registration and reporting mechanics. Additionally, we always procure zero-emission electricity to be paired with your consumption, increasing net value returned to you.


4) We Give You Peace of Mind 

e-Mission Control’s team ensures your information is accurately registered and reported, and the best part? We take on the liability. If you don’t have the information we need, we’ll do a site visit and help you collect the data, at no cost to you. 


5) We’re a Turn-Key SaaS (software as a service) Solution for LCFS/CFP  Program Management 

e-Mission Control has developed proprietary software to streamline and automate all aspects of the LCFS and CFP programs. This software makes it easier for you to access relevant information such as your quarterly incentive summaries and payment volumes, contracts, facility registrations, and approval statuses, current fleet assets, and a host of other helpful guidance.

That means we do everything for you, from start to finish. We start by providing free, preliminary incentive estimates based on actual fleet and energy consumption information.


6) We Provide Concierge-Level Service for LCFS/CFP  Program Management 

Each partner is assigned a Partner Success Representative who jumps into action once your program enrollment is complete. Your eMC rep works closely with your team to ensure satisfaction and long-term success. 


7) We install kWh Metering Equipment 

If required, and at no cost to you and planned directly with your team, eMC will install non-invasive kWh metering equipment on-site to facilitate access to needed energy consumption data for equipment requiring metering. 


8) We offer the Green Fleet Pioneer Program and the e-Powerment Program


We view our partners as “Green Fleet Pioneers (GFPs)” and supply them with marketing tools to communicate the importance of their participation in clean fuel programs. GFPs receive a program logo they can use on marketing assets, pre-built social media posts, a press release and stickers for their fleet. Green marketing made easy! 


e-Powerment is an e-Mission Control (eMC) initiative which helps non-profit organizations in California and Oregon fund electrification projects. e-Powerment is made possible through the donations of generous eMC community members via their own Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) or Clean Fuels Program (CFP) revenue.


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