EnergIIZE: An Introduction

Based out of Pasadena, California, EnergIIZE stands for Energy Infrastructure Incentives for Zero-Emission. The Commercial Vehicles Project mission is “to improve community health by reducing air pollution from harmful diesel emissions, while helping commercial fleets and industry partners meet California’s climate goals.”

EnergIIZE aids fueling infrastructure deployment for zero-emission trucks, buses, and equipment both electric and hydrogen. 

Eligible electric equipment includes

  • Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE)
    • Level 2
    • Direct Current Fast-Chargers (DCFC)
  • Transformers
  • Electric panels
  • Utility service upgrades
  • Third-party network providers
  • Stub-outs
  • Demand management equipment and software

Eligible hydrogen equipment includes: 

  • Dispenser with hoses and nozzles
  • Hydrogen storage
  • Electrolyzers
  • Chillers
  • Compressors
  • Piping and pipelines
  • Liquid and gaseous hydrogen pumps
  • Point-of-sale systems

EnergIIZE is funded by the California Energy Commission (CEC). EnergIIZE project funding will provide the infrastructure to support the transition of old, polluting medium- and heavy-duty equipment to zero-emission battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

For more information, visit the EnergIIZE website