April 2022 Newsletter

Partner Spotlight: 



Crystal Creamery


e-Mission Control is now craving ice cream as a result of our partnership with California’s Crystal Creamery. The creamery, which has been in business over 120 years, is committed to sustainable operations and reducing its impact on the environment. Awarded at a special green ribbon cutting (pictured), the dairy was Green Business Certified by the Stanislaus County Green Business Network. This certification means that Crystal Creamery meets rigorous standards to operate sustainably while reducing its environmental footprint.  Some green initiatives the company has accomplished include: 


  •       The installation of a 1.1 MW solar panel system to reduce energy demand
  •        More than 97% of the dairy company’s waste is recycled
  •        Replacing all lighting with energy-efficient LED lights
  •        Installation of energy-efficient equipment to reduce energy needs during peak periods
  •       Water re-use measures implemented as a means to conserve and reduce the use of municipal water.


We can’t wait to enjoy Crystal Creamery’s milk, butter, ice cream, yogurt, and more, knowing that it was sustainably produced. 


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Channel Partner Spotlight:


If you’ve recently enjoyed a glass of California or Oregon wine without tasting a smoke taint, you may have to thank Purfresh Wine, e-Mission Control’s April 2022 channel partner. We had the pleasure of meeting Purfresh Wine’s CEO, Christian DeBlasio at the Oregon Wine Symposium in March 2022 and learned how his business has saved millions of dollars of loss in the winery industry. As fire seasons intensify, Purfresh saves grape crops which have been affected by smoke. Purfresh Wine’s O3 technology treats wine grapes pre-crush to improve fermentation and overall wine quality, and to remove smoke taint caused from wildfires.​  eMC channel partners like Purfresh do business with our partners, helping further their greening initiatives or improve their operations. 


To learn more about how Purefresh Wine can rescue smoke damaged crops, click here



e-Powerment Focus: Helping Nonprofits Achieve Green Goals


Non-profits want to be green too! e-Mission Control’s e-Powerment Program helps fund clean transportation projects for non-profit organizations. e-Mission Control partners fund the e-Powerment program by redirecting a portion (as small as 1%) of their LCFS/CFP revenue to non-profits. We handle the rest! 


Our first e-Powerment recipient is Alameda County Community Food Bank, based in Oakland, California.  Through the e-Powerment Program application process, the food bank has requested an electric floor scrubbing machine, an electric forklift, and electric charging stations for their staff and clients.


The Alameda County Community Food Bank operates an 118,000 square foot food distribution center that allows individuals in need to obtain the food they need to feed themselves and their families. They also have mobile pantries  and donate food to Alameda County organizations serving the homeless. Now they are serving over 400,000 people a week! To learn more about the organization and how it’s helping the community, check out their latest video.


Help the Alameda County Food bank and other community non-profits go green through e-Powerment. It’s so easy! Pledge today. 


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It’s Showtime!

Make sure to follow us on our social media channels for ACT Expo 2022 highlights. We will be bringing you recaps of sessions and videos of the latest zero-emission equipment from the world’s top OEMs.


Funding Opportunities:



California Energy Commission – Realizing Accelerated Manufacturing and Production for Clean Energy Technologies


California Energy Commission – Realizing Accelerated Manufacturing and Production for Clean Energy Technologies. Total funding is $40,834,000 with maximum awards of $1M-$3M, depending on the project. The purpose of this solicitation is to provide financial assistance to help clean energy entrepreneurs successfully advance their emerging best-of-class innovative technology to the Low-Rate Initial Production (LRIP) stage.

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California Energy Commission – Zero-Emission Transportation Manufacturing


California Energy Commission – Zero-Emission Transportation Manufacturing. Total funding is $60,000,000 with maximum awards of $3M-30M, depending on project. The CEC’s Clean Transportation Program announces the availability of up to $60 million in grant funds for projects that will increase in-state manufacturing of zero-emission vehicles (ZEV), ZEV components and batteries, and ZEV charging or refueling equipment.

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